Themed Walks

'Natur und Stein' Themed Walk

The nature trail 'Natur und Stein' (Countryside and Rock) takes walkers up the Fuchsleitengraben and is of particular geological interest.  It starts in the loess-terraces in and around Mautern's vineyards, passes by many rock exhibits, before finally reaching the Konglomerat-Gestein in Hollenburg.

The nature tail was created by the town of Mautern, in collaboration with the town improvement association.  15 tree types are depicted on information boards, including the rare service tree (sorvus torminalis), witch elm and field maple.  At further points along the way you can learn about the local populations of bird and bat species.  Insect hotels along the route are a striking example of the smallest living environments in the forest habitat.

Additional information boards explain rock types, the geological cycle and uses for stone as a raw or building material.  The main components of the bohemian massif, found extensively locally, are gneiss and granite.  Their properties are easy to remember with this rhyme: „Quartz and mica and feldspar, I'll never forgot what these three are."


The themed walk starts at the end of the Weinbergstraße in Mautern. After passing through vineyards and nut trees, you reach the loess bank.  From here go up the gulley to the "Weißen Kreuz" (white cross).  After passing through the oak forest you reach the end of the walk at the "Roten Kreuz" (red cross). 

Hier müsst ihr entlang gehen
[Translate to English:] Verlauf der beiden Themenwege

"Loess and Wine" Themed Walk

The connection between loess and wine is easy to see when visiting the Zellergraben ravine, a natural monument in the neighbouring community of Furth bei Göttweig.  The long distance trail known as the "Welterbesteig Wachau" passes through this loess ravine, with its sides reaching up to 12 meters.
The formation, physical stability and soil properties of loess rock are all described on information boards.  The region's principal grape variety, "Grüner Veltliner", thrives best on loess soil.  Further information boards detail specific plant varieties, insects, birds and reptiles that find their natural habitat in loess.

"Favianis Mutaren Mautern" Cultural Route

This themed walk through Mautern town allows visitors to follow the footsteps of St Severin.   At eight different points along its route through the old town, key events in the town's history from Roman times to the middle ages are depicted.

Cultural Tour of the Roman Town Mautern/Favianis

This cultural tour informs visitors about the most important buildings and monuments in Mautern an der Donau and gives them an insight into the historical and cultural development of the town.

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